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Jacques Torres Chocolate House

  1. Begin with 3 – 4 pounds of tempered chocolate
  2. Using a ladle, fill the cavities of the two ‘gingerbread house’ molds with tempered chocolate. A small offset spatula would help to spread the chocolate into corners, details, etc.
  3. Tap the molds on your work surface to evenly distribute the chocolate and create a smooth surface
  4. Place the molds on a cooling rack or flat cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes
  5. Remove the molds from the fridge and unmold all of the house pieces and decorations
  6. Trim any excess if the edges are uneven
  7. Dip the edge of one wall in your tempered chocolate and press that edge against the front (or back) of the house, to ‘glue’ the two pieces together
  8. Repeat the process for the other walls
  9. ‘Glue’ one piece of the roof onto the walls with the tempered chocolate
  10. ‘Glue’ the remaining roof piece onto the house. You could use some additional melted chocolate along the roof seam – you could ‘spackle’ it with an offset spatula or knife
  11. Now ‘glue’ all of the ‘accessories’ – the door, the trees, the people
  12. Using store bought candies of your choosing, decorate the house by ‘gluing’ those candies on
  13. Dust with confectioner’s sugar 
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