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Ghoulish Brew Punch

  • 2 64-ounce containers cranberry juice
  • 2 liters seltzer water
  • 2 12-ounce cans frozen limeade concentrate
  • 2 cups lime sherbet, softened
  • 2 cups water
  • Green food coloring, optional
  • 2 food-safe disposable gloves (non-powdered, non-latex)


  • plastic eyeballs and ice cube tray
  • dry ice pellets (available from ice vendors or ice cream stores)
  1. Stir the water into the softened sherbet until thoroughly mixed. Add a few drops of green food coloring if desired. Gently scoop the mixture into each glove, dividing it evenly between the two. Twist the top of each glove and secure with a rubber band. Place the gloves on their side in small metal baking pan and freeze overnight. OPTIONAL: Place plastic eyeballs in an ice cube tray. Spoon the remaining sherbet/water mixture into an ice cube tray. Freeze.
  2. Pour the cranberry juice and seltzer water into a large punch bowl or cauldron. Add the frozen limeade and stir to blend.
  3. Right before serving, take the sherbet gloves out of the freezer and peel off the plastic. Place in the punch and serve.
  4. If desired, place the eyeball cubes in the punch and carefully place the dry ice pellets in the bottom of the bowl using tongs. Never touch dry ice with bare hands.
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