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Halloween Cocktails


  • Pumpkin Keg: take a pumpkin and hallow it out. Put a spigot in it and fill it with a seasonal pumpkin spice beer (or whatever your favorite happens to be) for a fun twist at your party. It will serve a tasting drink and serve as a cool conversation piece
  • Candy Corn JELL-O Shots: prepare the lemon (yellow) JELL-O  according to the package instructions, stopping before you pour the liquid into a large container. Place the JELL-O  liquid into a pouring bowl/pitcher and add 1 cup of vodka; stir to combine. Pour the liquid into shot glasses, only filling up each glass half way. Place the JELL-O  shot glasses in the refrigerator to chill.
  • JELL-O Worms: use plastic straws as a mold and fill them with Jell-O. Once they set, they will be Halloween worms you can serve at a party...you can even spike with vodka for adults.
  • Black Martini: 4.5 oz black vodka, 2oz Chambord, and bloody rim
  • Poison Pear: 1oz pear nectar, sparkling white wine, and pear garnish
  • Goblins Grog: 6 oz stout, and  6oz of dry champagne
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