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Wing King’s BBQ Buffalo Wings

Chop up and sauté
  • 2  T.  Butter
  • 1  large shallot
  • 2  garlic cloves
  • Chili Sauce                  1 cup
  • BBQ Sauce                  1 cup

(stir up for 1 minute)

  • Ancho Pepper                   1 ½ t.
  • Brown Sugar                     1/2 cup
  • Honey                                 ½ cup
  • Cayenne Pepper Sauce   4 oz.  

(stir up for 2 minutes)

Chicken Wings:
  1. As you create the sauce, drop 50 chicken wings (the amount you drop in at one time will depend on the size of your fryer) in your table top deep fryer.
  2. Once wings are fully cooked, sauce the wings in a large mixing bowl. To plate the wings: garnish the plate with celery and carrots and serve with a side of blue cheese dressing.
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